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Be Safe this Winter

Winter in New Brunswick is a great time of year. Everything is covered in a nice blanket of snow, the skiis, skates, snowmobiles, and snowshoes come out of storage for another year of fun in the white stuff. 


However driving in winter conditions is not fun and can be very dangerous. Here are a few tips that can help you decrease your chances of getting into trouble this winter. 


Snowplow Safety

  • Be patient and keep a safe distance when driving behind working snowplows

  • Don't crowd the snowplow

  • Don't drive beside the snowplow

  • Be aware of reduced visibility around snowplows

  • Do not pass snowplows

  • Understand when a snowplow driver can see you? See the diagram to the right.

  • Leave room for maintenance vehicles and workers


Winter Driving Safety Tips

  • Prepare your vehicle for winter - install snow tires, check fluid levels, battery, lights, anitfreeze, wiper blades and washer fluid

  • Keep your gas tank full - this will minimize moisture in the tank but also give you an advantage in case of trouble

  • Keep supplies on hand, such as blankets, booster cables, snow shovel, ice scraper, some high calorie foods, sand, flashlight, and flares.

  • Clear snow and ice from your vehicle - roof, windows, mirrors, lights

  • Leave plenty of room for stopping

  • Posted speed limits are for ideal conditions such as nice dry pavement

  • Check the road conditions before you leave home by using 511

  • Bridge decks freeze first due to the difference in exposure to the air

  • Don't use cruise control

  • SLOW DOWN when conditions are bad

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